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What should I eat during the holiday season?
December 19, 2016

What should I eat during the holiday season?
By Joan C. Firra, PT, PhD. It;s the holly, jolly season. The holiday party invitations are coming in. You want to look good in your fancy holiday attire and of course you will want to try all the decadent dishes and desserts that have been prepared and presented at the table. How do you keep the buttons from popping off?

Here are some helpful tips and reminders to follow during this wonderful yet sometimes over-indulgent season:

Eat a snack a few hours prior to the holiday dinner party so you are not ravenous when you arrive.

Limit yourself to a luncheon size plate, with just a single layer of food from the buffet table.

Do not go back for a second round.

Choose real food especially veggies.

Wine, beer and mixed drinks can be pretty caloric so alternate a drink with a glass of water.

Tea and for many, coffee are OK to drink, but water is best. If you are not used to drinking water, try it with lemon or lime slices or filtered and see if you can convert yourself. Sodas can be the source of obesity if over consumed. It is best to cut them out of your diet. At the event, enjoy the people - that is the reason for being there. Go lightly on the food.

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