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And You Thought Honey Was Just For Biscuits
September 26, 2017

And You Thought Honey Was Just For Biscuits
By Joan C. Firra, PT, PhD. Ever hear of medical grade honey?

It is gamma radiated honey, but I have not heard of it either.

What is it for?

It is a recognized healer for first and second degree burns, diabetic ulcers, abrasions, venous stasis ulcers, skin breakdown due to pressure and surgical wounds including donor sites.

How does it work?

It provides a moist environment for optimal healing and does not cause trauma when the dressing is removed.

What is it called?

Medihoney® with Leptospermum Honey.

How is it sold?

It is available from medical supply stores and some drug stores. It does not require a prescription.

Are there any precautions?

It is safe as honey. It is not intended for those who are sensitive to honey and it is not used for third degree burns.

Who has used it?

I have. After dressing was removed post total knee replacement, I found that the tape had irritated my skin and it was bright red and blistered. The physician assistant recommended Medihoney® based on a thesis he had written.

What was the result?

Immediate relief and after a few days of application directly on the area without a covered dressing, signs of healing. The bright red color gradually subsided and the blisters healed. I am grateful for the recommendation of Medihoney®. Talk to your doctor, this age-old balm may be just what you need.

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