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An Apple A Day? Organic and Red Delicious Please!!
November 12, 2018

An Apple A Day? Organic and Red Delicious Please!!
Michele Firra Ward, PT. In this era of high protein, keto, low carb or no-carb diets that replaced the low fat diets of the 1990’s, it may seem out of step to discuss the health benefits of eating fruit. But in fact, fruit and in this case organic Red Delicious apples, play an important role in a healthy diet and disease prevention. Research studies of apples have demonstrated reduced risks of several cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes but think organic apples, because many of the important phytochemicals thought to be responsible like the flavonoid quercetin are in the fruit’s peels.

Ordinarily, when the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are discussed, the association is with high levels of Vitamin C, an important antioxidant known to fight infection and prevent disease; but apples as a whole are relatively low in Vitamin C. Vitamin C accounts for only 0.4% of apple antioxidant activity but phenolic compounds including the flavonoids are far more abundant. Apples offer the highest level of free-phenolics compared with other fruits, meaning these antioxidants are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. But why prefer organic Red Delicious over any other apple?

A Canadian study of several apples all grown in the same orchard, same soils and growing conditions found that of the 8 varieties there, the Red Delicious had the highest level of these important antioxidant phenolic compounds. Organic Red Delicious best their apple kin in the following order: Northern Spy, Ida Red, Cortland, McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Matsu and Empire. The Red Delicious having twice as much antioxidant capability as the Empire Apple.

The organic Red Delicious apples from New Mexico we at In-Motion Physical Therapy so love and share with our patients and doctors each fall season taste and smell crisp and sweet as apples should. Repeatedly, our patients say they have never had Red Delicious apples taste so well. The difference is freshness and organically grown fruit. Internationally, apples of many different variety have demonstrated their value in a healthy diet and disease prevention. If you are so inclined to learn more, the references for this article are attached including a review article of current research concerning apple phytochemicals and their health benefits. Also find our companion recipe for Lisa’s Apple Sauce – an easy recipe for making your own organic apple sauce – peel and all!

Healthy eating is essential for a healthy life!


Nutrition Journal 2004; 3:5 published online 2004 May 12.

doi: 10.1186/1475-2891-3-5


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