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Happy Tails To You...
June 10, 2016

Happy Tails To You...
By David Firra, MT. I've always loved dogs. I love their energy and personalities. Maybe it's their ability to give unconditional love. Anyone who's had a pet knows this feeling. As a massage therapist working on people for over twenty years, I never thought I would find myself treating dogs but I find it to be so rewarding and therapeutic for me too. Just as we humans have aches and pains, our canine companions too can feel discomfort from injuries or from aging.

Touch plays a major role in this non-verbal treatment I provide. Earning the trust of my canine-clients and developing a bond with them promotes effective outcomes. Once the trust exists, the dog can actually point out the affected area to me with his body language. Laser treatment in conjunction with massage gives positive results. I see this in the dog's gait and in his muscle balance after each treatment. Once the dog is feeling better, he regains confidence and energy.

If your companion has a hard time getting around or has been injured bring them in. I'd love to treat them. Appointments usually last 20-30 minutes although the canine will let me know by his body language when he has had enough manual therapy. You will find that treatment is done in a very relaxed atmosphere here at the clinic.

Happy tails to you until we bond again.

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