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"I really appreciated all the expert therapy I received from your rehabbing my shoulder. With your helpful exercises, I'm almost 100% back (after 6 sessions post-op)." -D. Schmitt

D. Schmitt
"Thanks for keeping me upright!" -J. McWhorter

J. McWhorter
"I have been a patient of In-Motion Physical Therapy for over a year now. Everyone at In-Motion is great. Michele has been helping me with hip and back issues. As a result, I am able to continue to work out every day at the gym.

She is a very talented professional. She has better analytical and diagnostic skills than a lot of doctors that I have consulted. Her ability to determine what is causing the problem and how to correct it is amazing.

She cares about you like a member of the family. She truly wants you to get better and is dedicated to improving your condition.

Bottom line, without her assistance and treatments, I would not have improved nearly as much as I have. Michele is undoubtedly the best physical therapist I know.

Also, I would not hesitate to have her work on any of my dogs or horses." -G. Martin

G. Martin
"Your philosophy of working with the patient during the entire session is the key to your success. No setting of timers and walking away to assist another patient or passed off to an aid." -J. Scott

J. Scott
"Michele magic...we come in crooked and walk out straight!" -T. Millsap

T. Millsap
"Weeks ago I had constant pain in my left foot from plantar fasciitis. After being treated at IN-MOTION for the problem, it's gone from pain to discomfort (and then only occasionally) instead of constantly. Everyone at IN-MOTION helps me to feel better and to stay healthy. I have 100% confidence in IN-MOTION." -R. Magers

R. Magers
"Approximately four years ago I injured my lower back lifting a heavy pot. I was virtually incapacitated only able to shuffle my feet to walk under excruciating pain. I was looking at possible back surgery on my discs. Finally I had a break in my work schedule and was able to go to physical therapy and Joan Firra at In Motion Physical Therapy faithfully helped me regain the use of my legs to walk and alleviated the pain in my back. At her recommendation I continued on with the exercises and have had no trouble for four years despite continuing a very active physical lifestyle." -A. Hanson

A. Hanson
"I came in with my neck and jaw very tight and tender and Joan worked with both so well that my pain was relieved dramatically." -S. Armstrong

S. Armstrong
"Joan is amazing! She makes me want to go out there and live life fully! I thank God for her." -M. Francis

M. Francis
"By far the most helpful family of physical therapists I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only did I find the most relief, but they took the time to get to know me and help me throughout my recovery. The entire company is so sociable and kind. They explain everything and are the most supportive people I've ever met. Will always recommend to any and everyone. Thank y'all so much." -B. Williams

B. Williams
"I had a wonderful experience here! Best staff and my physical therapy was very effective. Joan and Michele are very motivational and helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I will miss you guys!" -S. Owens

S. Owens
"David rescued my show dog Callahan, enabling Cal to finish the dog show. It was David's ability to identify what was wrong and fix it. My older Irish (Setter) has significant health problems that one by one were addressed and with each visit there is remarkable improvement in her attitude, play habits and even weight gain." -R. Taylor

R. Taylor
"Oliver's coordination and quality of life has improved greatly from the laser treatments and magnesium gel. Everyone at the practice shows such care and concern and he received such wonderful and loving care! Thank you" -K. Kofoed

K. Kofoed
"The expert guidance and care that I received from Joan Firra added a few years to my career as a double bassist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra." -A. Yanofsky

A. Yanofsky
"My 15 year old border collie was starting to develop weakness in her hind legs/hips. David Firra did a series of laser treatments on her and now my dog is able to jump into the car by herself again. I noticed improvement after the first session. Thank you so much David!" -R. Stainbrook

R. Stainbrook
"Jenna is a 9 1/2 yr old Irish Setter who loves to hunt birds. Her back and hips have been really bothering her. After the 2nd time David worked on her she went running in the field as if she was 2 yrs old again. Now she can hunt birds again." -K. Bishop

K. Bishop
"You have the monopoly on magic hands. I have never been more confident in any doctor to relieve my pain." -S. Lopez

S. Lopez
"My internist (who I trust always) swears that Joan and Michele are the best!" -A. Norvell

A. Norvell
"Thank you for your encouragement and personal detailed attention given to me during my physical therapy sessions." -P. Holand

P. Holand
"As a result of responding to a call years ago, I sustained a gunshot wound, blowing away one quarter of the right side of my head. I will have lifelong physical therapy. Throughout the years I've seen significant improvement. Michele and Joan have been excellent motivators to achieve 'normalcy' again." -Detective R. Iscaro, Dallas Police Department

Detective R. Iscaro
Dallas Police Department
"Michele is very good at explaining how to do exercises and why it's important. I appreciate the expert advice and support." -B. Tudhope

B. Tudhope


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