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"Michele and the folks at In-Motion Physical Therapy have been absolutely wonderful helping me heal from various injuries associated with my complex connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome).  Michele has an outstanding understanding of anatomy and physiology paired with a gentle touch and a true desire to see her patients go on to live happy and pain-free lives.  These women are angels among us and I can't say thank you enough!  5 stars isn't enough!  I give them the Milkyway!!!" -Amanda M.

Amanda M.
"Michele is helping me alot.  Now I can sleep, rest and work much better without pain." -M. Salinas

M. Salinas
"Great instructions on how to strenghten my body.  I had issues with my knee before I went for PT.  PT has really helped me be aware of my walking posture and the type of shoes to wear.  Michele is so knowledgeable and kind.  I am going to recommend her to my friends that need  physical relief from pain." -C. Craig

C. Craig
"I had a bad shoulder for 8-9 months that was quickly addressed and is now pain free.  We also branched out into core and lower body exercises that have really helped me in sports, exercise and just day-to-day activity.  Thanks! " -J. Grabeklis

J. Grabeklis
"In-Motion Physical Therapy is the best!  After multiple other PT facilities, as well as chiropractic care (19 months worth), In-Motion PT has enabled my back pain to lesson.  I look forward to being 100% back pain free; however, the progress is a gift.  Michele is thorough, attentive and super knowledgable about the body and tackling the root cause of the problem.  Her care goes beyond her office to your home, work, etc., to get your body back to 100%." -T. Alexander

T. Alexander
"Michele works hard to understand her patients and the best ways to treat them.  As a student, I struggle with neck and upper back pain. Michele has helped immensely with these issues with helpful adjustments and excercises outside of sessions.  I can tell she truly cares about me and her other patients.  I couldn't highly reccomend her enough." -B. Gordon

B. Gordon
"We have been long time patients of Michele with our boxers.  We have brought her dogs with ACL strains to dogs who need help strengthening their core.  She is wonderul with our animals and always takes the time to explain and offer help in any way she can.  Michele helps our dogs stay in great shape!" -C. Everly

C. Everly
"In-Motion offers many great therapies from laser treatment to patient exercises treating the whole not just a part.  The studio and facilities are great." -S. Baker

S. Baker
"I really appreciated all the expert therapy I received from your rehabbing my shoulder. With your helpful exercises, I'm almost 100% back (after 6 sessions post-op)." -D. Schmitt

D. Schmitt
"Thanks for keeping me upright!" -J. McWhorter

J. McWhorter
"I have been a patient of In-Motion Physical Therapy for over a year now. Everyone at In-Motion is great. Michele has been helping me with hip and back issues. As a result, I am able to continue to work out every day at the gym.

She is a very talented professional. She has better analytical and diagnostic skills than a lot of doctors that I have consulted. Her ability to determine what is causing the problem and how to correct it is amazing.

She cares about you like a member of the family. She truly wants you to get better and is dedicated to improving your condition.

Bottom line, without her assistance and treatments, I would not have improved nearly as much as I have. Michele is undoubtedly the best physical therapist I know.

Also, I would not hesitate to have her work on any of my dogs or horses." -G. Martin

G. Martin
"Your philosophy of working with the patient during the entire session is the key to your success. No setting of timers and walking away to assist another patient or passed off to an aid." -J. Scott

J. Scott
"Michele magic...we come in crooked and walk out straight!" -T. Millsap

T. Millsap
"Weeks ago I had constant pain in my left foot from plantar fasciitis. After being treated at IN-MOTION for the problem, it's gone from pain to discomfort (and then only occasionally) instead of constantly. Everyone at IN-MOTION helps me to feel better and to stay healthy. I have 100% confidence in IN-MOTION." -R. Magers

R. Magers
"Oliver's coordination and quality of life has improved greatly from the laser treatments and magnesium gel. Everyone at the practice shows such care and concern and he received such wonderful and loving care! Thank you" -K. Kofoed

K. Kofoed
"You have the monopoly on magic hands. I have never been more confident in any doctor to relieve my pain." -S. Lopez

S. Lopez
"Thank you for your encouragement and personal detailed attention given to me during my physical therapy sessions." -P. Holand

P. Holand
"As a result of responding to a call years ago, I sustained a gunshot wound, blowing away one quarter of the right side of my head. I will have lifelong physical therapy. Throughout the years I've seen significant improvement. Michele and Joan have been excellent motivators to achieve 'normalcy' again." -Detective R. Iscaro, Dallas Police Department

Detective R. Iscaro
Dallas Police Department
"Michele is very good at explaining how to do exercises and why it's important. I appreciate the expert advice and support." -B. Tudhope

B. Tudhope


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